Top 5 Attractions in Edinburgh

There are top attraction places to visit in Edinburgh along with your family. For family day outs and night outs, there are various tourist places to visit. There are free and paid entrance tickets for attractions in Edinburgh available. 

Here are some of the top 5 attractions in Edinburgh –

1. Edinburgh Castle – 


On the top of Royal Miles there’s Edinburg castle. And it is on the top of castle rock. This is the most iconic building in the town. This castle comes first in the list of visitor attractions. It is the most visited tourist place. It rests on top of an extinct volcano. It’s area includes notable spots like hearing the One O’clock salute from Half moon battery. 

You can get a view of the National War Memorial and the National War Museum. In the Royal Palace, there is the best collection of crown jewels. One of the highly notable features is the Stone of Destiny. It was got steel by Edward I and placed under the English throne in London.

It returned to Scotland, after 700 years in 1996. Many historical conflicts from Wars of Scottish Independence to Jacobite rising took place at Edinburgh Castle. 

This place identified as the most besieged place in Great Britain, as per the research. And one of the most attacked in the world. Public regards St. Margaret’s Chapel as one of the oldest buildings in Edinburgh. Such exceptional places are worth visiting and know about its history.

2. Edinburgh Zoo – 

The former name of the Edinburgh Zoo was Scottish National Zoological Park. It is widely the area of about 82-acres ie. 33 ha. It is one of the non-profit zoological parks in the Corstorphine area of Edinburgh. The zoo involve in many scientific pursuits. You can watch and learn, how the captive breeding of endanger animals is performing here. 

The zoological students will get to do research into animal behaviour at this attraction in Edinburgh. This zoo has active participation in various other conservation programs around the world. The zoo keeps animals like chimpanzees, squirrel monkeys, and tufted capuchins. 

Exhibits penguins, giant pandas, sloths, giraffes, koala and other mammals. Its future development includes ‘Edinburgh Zoo’s Big 5’ initiative. This initiative states to update the enclosures for the sun bears, rhinoceros and king penguins.

And a new tropical house with free roaming monkeys and birds. Such a total view is more attractive for tourists.

3. The Real Mary King’s Close

It is an historic close and it is located under buildings on the Royal Mile. It took its name from a merchant burgess whose name was Mary King. The area became the tales of hauntings and murders. It had been a haunting reputation in the 17th century. The biogas escaping the close can cause hallucinations. Such biogas, passing through close, creates noise and becomes a rumour of spirit hauntings.

Blair Street Underground Vaults

Do you think Edinburgh has an underground world? People have lived down there in early times. It is the Edinburgh Ghost tours. It has been the most haunted vault. The Underground Vaults are one of the most interesting attractions in Edinburgh.

These vaults had witness deeds of murderers and torturers. Roaming in the underground vault, tourists will experience a spooky cold breeze or a whisper. Sometimes, you will feel a strange and chilling silence in the dark. 

The underground vault produces echoes of the crowds of Edinburgh’s Royal Mile. For tourist visitors private group bookings are available from Mercat Tours. The tour starts from Mercat Cross and ends at Hunter Square. It takes around 1 Hour and 15 minutes.

Our Dynamic Earth Tour

As an attraction in Edinburgh, it is one of the best scientific tours. Its features provide many interactive exhibits. Our Dynamic Earth tells the story of the planet’s history. It gives the experience of a high definition, 360 degree movie called ShowDome.

Our Dynamic Earth is the era’s one of the popular tourist attraction sites. It unfolds the history of our planet’s timeline along with the science behind it. 

As we know science and entertainment blend. For a visitor it’s a great learning and astonishing experience. Visitors get to know more about Big Bang Theories along with the Earth’s evolutionary path and scientific discussion of the future.

This tour includes high-tech and interactive exhibits. This journey is a holistic attraction in Edinburgh for all age groups.

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