Which is better, a hostel or a paying guest accommodations?

Hostel Accommodation –

Hostels are a kind of inexpensive accommodation and lodging. Hostels are for specific groups like students, travellers and employees. Inns versus paying guest facilities is a serious normal discussion among individuals. Some people might get confused between hostels and paying guests’ type of accommodations.

Because they don’t really know the difference between them. If people are clear about their requirements they won’t have much confusion. The confusion is because people don’t know what exactly each one offers. Each one has different accommodation facilities and services. Many people ask questions regarding which type of accommodation they should go for. But this is a matter of personal choice as it varies person to person decisions.

The opinions vary depending on the individual’s requirements. You need to choose the accommodation which is best suitable for you. That’s why there is no perfect answer to this debate till date.

Both these accommodations cater to people who are looking for a long term stay.  Hostels provide accommodation facilities according to the group’s profession or activities. Like for students hostel they will provide library, wifi etc facilities. For working class groups the hostel has different provisions. Students and working professionals always prefer hostels for safer lodging facilities. Security facilities are very high in hostels with 24/7 on duty security guards. Students who move out for the first time will surely go to a hostel to stay. 

Cleanliness doesn’t matter in hostels. For networking and creating community hostels are good. Students who opt for further studies want safe and comfortable lodging. But there is too much chaos going on. Students who have exams aren’t able to focus on their studies. Almost all educational institutions provide hostel facilities to students. Most hostels have facilities like good stay, food, laundry etc.

Paying Guest Accommodations –

In paying guest accommodations an individual person stays in others private homes. PGs pays rent for each month. Paying guests need to fill an agreement form with the home owners to permit them to stay for a certain period of time. 

PGs are somewhere between a hostel and rented apartment. PGs are more expensive than hostels. You won’t get a great security facility in PG. There are many individuals who like to have this type of accommodation. PGs are mostly kept very clean. Networking with others is not possible in PGs. 

Paying Guest accommodations are very comfortable and homely. For students, PGs can provide a perfect quiet environment for their exams. PGs usually provide simple and tasty food. They have required facilities like home cooked food, and laundry. You will easily find such accommodations through enquiring with local people. The most commonly used method is online research.

Major percentage of the population always choose hostels as their accommodations. All think that hostels are safer than paying guest accommodation, especially for girls. When you stay in hostels it becomes the complete responsibility of the institute.

There are many such pros and cons for each accommodation type. The final conclusion is that both these accommodations are equally beneficial. But may differ as per individual choices and requirements. You should always consider the best hostels or best paying guest accommodations.

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