3 Prominent Hostels in Edinburgh

If you’re planning to visit Edinburgh city then you are on the correct plan. To make your travel experience great you need to choose the best accommodation. There are three prominent hostels in Edinburgh which will add a perfect sparkle to your traveling journey. 

1. Castle Rock Hostel – 

This hostel is a top choice for backpackers. It is located at 15 Johnston Terrace, Edinburgh, Scotland. People have given it a 9.5 rating and it is the best review. As this hostel is at a perfect location, having superb staff and maintains fantastic cleanliness. 

The ideal location of the Castle Rock Hostel is just behind Edinburgh Castle. This hostel is clean, spacious, and has themed colored rooms. So that the guests will describe it as lovely and warm. They have a large kitchen and multiple lounges. Thus there’s plenty of space to meet others. Also, you will find a quieter corner.

The reception area is open for 24hours for seven days a week. You can ask your queries and the price of accommodation. If you are planning to book for 5 or more people then call the hostel directly. The new health guidelines and measures are undertaken by them. They strictly follow the Scottish Government’s guidelines regarding the COVID19 virus. 

2. CODE Hostel – 

The CODE hostel is perfect for couples, solo travelers and digital nomads.

This hostel is located at 50 Rose Street North Lane, Edinburgh, Scotland. The best part of the hostel is they provide free cancellation. Only if you can book this hostel more than 4 days in advance. People have given 8.8 ratings and it is a fabulous one. CoDE co-living – The LoFT is the first co-living as well as hybrid type of accommodation in Edinburgh. This hotel is perfect for long term accommodators. Like from 1 week up to several months. Also, you can stay for short city trips as per your convenience. 

This hostel has a connection to and from the main city Airport. This hostel is located within walking distance of most major sights. Also, the bus station and train station is within a shorter walking distance from the hostel by foot. 

3. The Baxter Hostel – 

The Baxter hostel is number one for female solo travelers. It is located at 5/2 West Register Street, Edinburgh, Scotland. People have given it a 8.3 rating with a fabulous remark. For a free cancellation offer guests should book the hostel 3 days in advance. It is a trusted hostel. You won’t find such safety and convenient accommodation anywhere else.

It is a custom built hostel that will stun you with its vibrant and unique style. For hangouts or to experience a family vibe and meet new people this is a great choice. They provide 4-12 dorm rooms then you can choose from single sex or mixed.

This hostel has a customized kitchen and chilled out luxe lounging area. Hostel has free wifi. Also, each room provides lockers to keep your stuff and private belongings safely. 

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