5 Best Hostels in Edinburgh

As we know, Edinburgh has very popular historic sites and tourist places to visit. The city also has good economic conditions as well as best in education facilities. Plus many of the best hostels in Edinburgh are in walking distance of tourist attractions. There are three major universities in Edinburgh. They are University of Edinburgh, Heriot-Watt University and Edinburgh Napier University.  

Hostels are budget friendly. Mostly, youngsters look for accommodation in a hostel for their work or college purposes. They stay in the Best Hostels in Edinburgh for a longer time. Thus, you can stay in a hostel and experience the hostelling life. You will get to meet different people from various backgrounds. Thus, every guest is always curious about where to stay.  Also, how to find the best hostels to accommodate. And, get to know whether the hostel is near to the workplace, or College place.

1. West End Hostel – 

The overall rating of the West End Hostel is very good as it is rated with 4 stars. You can get there by Edinburgh airport. It is very good in the cleanliness of its rooms and the outside yards. 

They have standard amenities like Free Wi-Fi, bar space, baggage storage, shared Kitchen, shared TV area and restaurant. It is a non-smoking hostel.  All rooms are non-smoking types. Rooms 

Languages spoken in this hostel are English and Polish. You can visit them at 35 Palmerston Place, Edinburgh EH12 5AU Scotland

2. Belford Hostel – 

Belford Hostel has an average rating with 3 stars. This hostel is average in cleanliness, in service provisions, and in value. It was a former church and was transformed into one of the Best Hostels in Edinburgh. It’s very cool, decent and the best concept for guests to stay. They have excellent staff with best management and services.

You can visit them at 6-8 Douglas Gardens, Edinburgh EH4 3DA Scotland.

3. Malones Old Town Hostel – 

The tripadvisor shows the rating of this hostel is very good with 4 stars. Malones Old Town Hostel is very convenient in location. This hostel is close to many top tourist attractions and is located in the center of Edinburgh. Also, it is close to top tourist attractions such as the National Museum and the Castle. 

This hostel is above the popular bars, Malones Irish Bar. Here you’ll get to choose from the large 10-12 bed or smaller 4 bed dorm. You can visit them at 14 Forrest Road, Edinburgh EH1 2QN Scotland. 

4. Code Hostel – 

Code Hostel has an excellent rating with 4.5 stars. The CoDe Pod Hostels are former courthouse and jail which are transformed into CoDe Pod Hostels. The courtroom was converted into a sleeping studio with pod beds. This hostel is designed with urban concepts in order to give travelers a central location. Also, to provide a quality sleeping environment at very low cost. 

This hostel is within the walking distance to major spots. You can conveniently take your route by train or bus within a few minutes of walking distance from the hostel. 

Languages spoken in this hostel are English. You can visit them for enquiry at 1A Parliament Square, Edinburgh EH1 1RF Scotland. 

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